amazon ring 怎么回事?

好几次了, amazon delivery,门口的 ring camera 根本没有记录。
amazon delivery 会有照片, 那个照片的角度是在ring camera的覆盖范围内。。。

怎么解释? 感觉只能上阴谋论。。。?


yes, I have the subscription, it saves all captured videos into ring cloud…
and when someone appears in the camera coverage, the ring app rings on phone as well… but it does not do these for amazon delivery sometimes…

seems there is something going on, remember people discussed this online, just happened once again toady… hmmm…

贝秃没干好事。。。。。。这货一脸的鬼鬼祟祟。。。。 :rofl: :rofl:

here is a discussion on that…
when a co-worker said this a while ago, did not believe it,
but later, saw this happened several times…



贝秃看上去比他随身携带的那个充气大妈还正常点儿 :joy:

这个同学不信邪 !